answers to questions

The whys and whats

Why film?
The look, the nostalgia, the process, the discipline, the flavour, the permanence, the grain…..

What's the difference between film and digital?
Digital, to my eyes, is too perfect and antiseptic. It’s ironic that it tries desperately to give us the ‘film look’ whilst film is happy in its own skin….

Do you send the film rolls to a professional lab for processing?
I process B/W and colour negative 35mm and 120 formats myself. My 16mm motion picture film (Vision3, Eastman Double-X) is processed and scanned at 2K by the world famous Cinelab London.

Can you retouch film on Photoshop?
Yes. I scan all my film. Retouching on Photoshop is as easy with film as it is with digital.

What happens to the negatives after you scan them
All negatives are placed in protective film sleeves and can thus be archived until the end of time!

Why not shoot digital and apply a film effect or filter? leave, you don't get it...